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Information Literacy Instruction

Information Literacy Instruction 

Our Program 

The Library’s information literacy instruction program focuses on crucial elements in the lifelong learning of CityU students. Through program and assignment mapping, librarians work in core courses at each level of a program to build skills over time. In addition to librarian participation in the design process with CCI instructional designers, subject matter experts, and program directors, librarians also collaborate with teaching faculty to deliver instruction. Through collaboration and engagement, we ensure that students learn the critical skills needed to be successful. 


Collaborate with faculty, instructional designers, and subject matter experts to create and deliver quality embedded instruction that develops information literacy (IL) and critical thinking skills that are transferrable and adaptable to a variety of learning environments. 

  • Engage students in scaffolded IL activities that are mapped to specific Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs). 
  • Guide students in building specific dispositions and competencies as outlined by the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy. 
  • Advocate for instruction and materials that align with and support the diverse needs of our students and community. 
  • Create and sustain partnerships with instructional designers, course managers, subject matter experts, and program directors. 

ACRL Framework for Information Literacy

ACRL Framework for Information Literacy 

The foundation for our library instruction program is informed by the Association of College and Research Libraries’ (2016)

The Framework serves as a theoretical and pedagogical basis for higher education librarians and faculty teaching metaliteracy and critical thinking skills. The Framework is organized into six frames, each consisting of a concept central to information literacy, a set of knowledge practices, and a set of dispositions. Read more about the Framework on the Faculty Expectations for Teaching Information Literacy page.

Our instruction program aims to help students build the specific dispositions and competencies outlined by this framework. We hope our program produces lifelong learners who are able to grow, refine, and adapt their IL and critical thinking skills over time, as well as supporting students on their journeys to becoming better consumers and creators of scholarship and information. 

Request Information Literacy Instruction

Intake Form for Program Managers and Instructors 

Use the button below to submit an instruction request with the CityU Librarians. An assigned librarian will contact you to confirm once the form is submitted.

Please use Ask a Librarian if you have any questions about this process.