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Faculty Course Resource Requests

Information for faculty who would like to request desk copies of course resources

Faculty Course Resource Requests

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In order to give your teaching faculty time to review their course resources and prepare for teaching, we strongly recommend submitting desk copy requests 4 to 6 weeks prior to the start of the quarter.


Electronic or online resources will be provided/substituted for print materials when available at no cost from the library, publisher, or VitalSource*. 

When is authorization required?

A dean must approve authorization for the following requests:

  • Duplicate copies of materials previously provided
  • Recommended or review materials not available for free from publishers
  • Reference materials (such as the APA Style Manual) not listed as required for the course
  • Materials for faculty not yet hired
  • Materials purchased for course developers and subject matter experts who are not teaching the course
  • Materials for facilitators, tutors, and advisors
  • Print versions of resources available online at no cost


You are always welcome to check VitalSource prior to putting in a course resource request. You can find the instructions for that here: