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Course Design Guide

This resource guides program managers, directors, and SMEs in designing course shells with library resources in mind.

Introduction to Course Design


Designing an academic course includes many elements and can include many partners. The library can help course design teams with elements of course design that are described on the pages in this guide. Librarians strive to collaborate with faculty, instructional designers, and subject matter experts to create and deliver quality embedded instruction that develops information literacy (IL) and critical thinking skills that are transferrable and adaptable to a variety of learning environments. We also strive to provide resources for students that meet them at the point of need. This can include materials that are in the library collection but also other resources that guide them in their learning.

Please review the pages in this guide as you are designing or revising a course and reach out to a librarian for guidance.

Guide Objectives

  • Share options for collaborating with librarians regarding information literacy during course design projects.
  • Outline best practices for designing research assignments.
  • Highlight best practices in selecting resources during course design projects.