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Research Methods and Design

A guide on common research methods.


Quantitative research methods

a method of research that relies on measuring variables using a numerical system, analyzing these measurements using any of a variety of statistical models, and reporting relationships and associations among the studied variables. For example, these variables may be test scores or measurements of reaction time. The goal of gathering this quantitative data is to understand, describe, and predict the nature of a phenomenon, particularly through the development of models and theories. Quantitative research techniques include experiments and surveys. 

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SAGE Research Methods Videos

What are the strengths of quantitative research?

Professor Norma T. Mertz briefly discusses qualitative research and how it has changed since she entered the field. She emphasizes the importance of defining a research question before choosing a theoretical approach to research.

Mertz Ph.D., N. T. (Academic). (2017). Norma T. Mertz discusses theoretical frameworks [Video]. SAGE Research Methods Video


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