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Research Methods and Design

A guide on common research methods.


Mixed Methods Study

Inquiry that combines two or more methods. This particular term usually refers to mixing that crosses the quantitative-qualitative boundary.

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SAGE Research Methods Videos

Defining Mixed Methods Research

Professor John Creswell discusses what defines mixed methods research. He provides series of examples to demonstrate that mixed methods can be found in, and applied to, all kinds of subjects.

Creswell, J. (2015). Defining mixed methods research [Video]. SAGE Publications Inc.

How Would You Describe Mixed Methods to a Student Who Has Not Encountered the Term Before?

Dr. Nataliya Ivankova talks about her work in mixed methods research and how she came to be interested in research methods. Mixed methods research was a new idea when she began working on it, and she developed many of its foundational procedures. She continues to work with academic and practitioner researchers to extend mixed methods into new fields. 

Ivankova, N. (2017). How would you describe mixed methods...? [Video]. SAGE Publications Ltd.

This is just one segment in a whole series about mixed methods studies. You can find the rest of the series in our SAGE database, Research Methods: