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Technology & Computing

A research guide to resources in technology & computing


Technology & Computing 

To locate the most recent developments in the area of technology and computing, you will need to access not just scholarly journals, but also trade journals, technical magazines, and conference proceedings. Looking to learn a new programming language or explore a subject in-depth? Try searching your topic in one of our ebook collections, or view our page on online programming and computer science resources. 

Technology & Computing Databases

The CityU Library subscribes to a number of technology and computing databases that contain articles, videos, transcripts, and other content to help you with your assignments. You can find a full list of our technology and computing databases below. 

Online Resources

Online Repositories and Open Access Journals

There are some very robust online repositories available in the areas of computer science and information technology. You may find that many of the items in these collections are "preprints," defined as an author’s version of a research manuscript prior to formal peer review at a journal, which is deposited on a public server.

  • Preprints are Open Access by their nature, meaning that they are easy for other researchers to find and cite. 
  • The nature of preprints also means that authors’ findings are made available more rapidly than traditional publication routes. 
  • Preprints can supplement traditional peer review by allowing a wide circle of peers to discover the work and contact the author with suggestions for improvements that might be made.

To learn how to cite preprints, please see: APA Style Blog: Preprint article references

Business & Management Databases

Additionally, our Business & Management databases cover a wide variety of topics dealing with the application of technology in business. You can find a list of those here. (You'll notice that some databases appear in both lists).