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Technology & Computing

A research guide to resources in technology & computing

Get Assignment Support

Get Assignment Support 

Currently enrolled students in the School of Technology and Computing have access to assignment support and technology troubleshooting through the STC Teaching Assistant Center.  

Teaching Assistants and Student Ambassadors can help with technical issues related to your course exercises, assignments, or virtual labs. For more information or their website below:

Writing Resources


Many students think that writing is not as important in computer science or engineering as it is in other fields, like the humanities or social sciences. However, as a student in the School of Technology and Computing, you will be tasked with writing assignments across your courses that require strong communication skills.

As a student in this field, it is important to learn to recognize the difference between traditional academic writing--a writing style that you would use for an essay or research paper---and technical writing, a writing style which is often used to convey technical ideas, concepts, or instructions in an easy-to-understand format.

You can read more about these different types of writing styles below. If you have questions about what type of writing is required for your particular project or assignment, contact your instructor for clarification.

Traditional Academic Writing

Academic writing is a formalized style of writing used in universities and across scholarly publications. The style of writing you use in academia is often determined by your field of study. That being said, at CityU, we use APA style across our programs and courses. 


The CityU Library has many resources to help you become a better academic writer, as well as resources to help you master APA style. If you are looking for guidance and help in this area, we highly recommend taking a look at the following how-to guide:

Looking for example papers, projects, and capstones written in APA style? You can find these in our academic repository, where we provide public access to materials created by our students and faculty.

Technical Writing

Technical writing is a skill that allows experts in a technical field of study, like software development or computing, to effectively and succinctly convey information to both other experts within that field, as well as non-experts. Writing clearly can help improve your career and make you a more valuable employee or member of a team.

Keep in mind that, while we use APA style across our courses at CityU, it is not specifically designed with technical writing in mind. You may need to adapt APA style somewhat in order to complete an assignment that requires technical writing. For example, you may use APA's general citation style, but not the manual's grammar or mechanics of style. Like with any assignment, consult your assignment and/or instructor for information about writing or style expectations.


You can find some information on technical writing below.