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A research guide for topics in business and management.

Find a Company's Competitors


Use this guide to identify major players in an industry, as well as a company’s key competitors. Please note that each business database calculates competitors differently. You may need to gather, compare, and examine multiple competitor lists for a full understanding of your company or market. 

Search Business Source Ultimate

  1. Search company name 
  2. From Search results, find “Company Profile” (located on the right-hand side of results) 
  3. In company profile, see “Top Competitors” or “Key Competitors” 

Search Hoover's Company Profiles

  1. Enter company name > Search > Select parent company 
  2. Open full text record and scroll to competitors list 

Search IBISWorld

In IBISWorld, you will be searching by industry instead of by company. This is a great approach if you are conducting research on a private company, where specific company reports may not be available.

  1. Enter industry name - ex. Software publishing 
  2. Open relevant industry profile 
  3. Click “Companies” (located on the left-hand side) 
  4. Click or scroll to "Companies Table"

Screenshot of IBISWorld report with arrows pointing to companies section

Search Mergent Online

  1. Enter company name or ticker symbol in the search box > choose company 
  2. Once on the company page, select “Competitors” tab. The company searched is bolded in competitors list. The default display is filtered by revenues. 

A screenshot of a company report for Disney in Mergent Online.