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A research guide for topics in business and management.

Find a Company's Competitors


Use this guide to identify major players in an industry, as well as a company’s key competitors. Please note that each business database calculates competitors differently. You may need to gather, compare, and examine multiple competitor lists for a full understanding of your company or market. 

Search Business Source Ultimate

  1. Search company name 
  2. From Search results, find “Company Profile” (located on the right-hand side of results) 
  3. In company profile, see “Top Competitors” or “Key Competitors” 

Search Hoover's Company Profiles

  1. Enter company name > Search > Select parent company 
  2. Open full text record and scroll to competitors list 

Search IBISWorld

  1. Enter industry name - ex. Aircraft Manufacturing 
  2. Open relevant industry profile 
  3. Click “Major Companies” (located on the left-hand side) 

A screenshot of an IBISWorld report for "Amusement Parks in the US"

Search Mergent Online

  1. Enter company name or ticker symbol in the search box > choose company 
  2. Once on the company page, select “Competitors” tab. The company searched is bolded in competitors list. The default display is filtered by revenues. 

A screenshot of a company report for Disney in Mergent Online.