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A research guide for topics in business and management.

Find Case Studies


A case study is an in-depth look or detailed examination of a particular event, scenario, or group. Case studies are extremely popular teaching tools in the field of management, as they help students apply course topics to real-world scenarios. Case studies come in a variety of formats (articles, book chapters, videos, etc.). Learn how to find case studies in the library collection below. 

Note: We have several collections with case studies (as seen below), but they can still be hard to find. Many companies pay experts to write case studies and, in turn, want payment for the cases. 

Databases with Business Cases

To search for case studies in the below databases: 

  1. Go to the Advanced Search 
  2. Enter your search term(s) 
  3. Scroll down to the Document Type box and select Case Study 
  4. Click Search 

To find cases in our Harvard Business School collection, simply search on your topic (no need to select document type).

Case Studies in Book Chapters

Some of the best case studies can be found in books on leadership and management. The best way to search for books that have case studies is to combine your search term(s) with the keyword “case study” and filter to Content Type > Book Chapter (on left-hand side of the search results screen). 

screenshot of search content filter applied to just book chapters

Here is an example search: "case study" AND organizational culture 

Other Business Case Resources

Individual Publishers

Search for Cases by Country in Google

  1. Find the domain code of the country you want to search using the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (For example, the domain code for the United Kingdom is “.UK”) 
  2. Go to Google’s Advanced Search page 
  3. Enter your search words the in the top section titled Find web pages with… 
  4. Near the bottom, enter domain code in the box labeled Search within a site or domain 
  5. Click the Advanced Search button to see the results 

Example search by country domain code: “aerospace case study” in the United Kingdom