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BUS 320: Final Case Study Research Guide

A research guide for BUS 320 students.

Find Company Reports/Profiles


This guide overviews how to locate company reports. For this Case Study project you are required to use a publicly traded company. Private companies are not required to report financial information (annual report/10K) therefore the data available may be limited. Before you begin, read your assignment closely and make sure that the company you've chosen is publicly traded.  

Find a Company’s Annual Report/10K (Public Companies)

Publicly traded companies in the U.S. are required to file documents with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Two of these documents, the Annual Report and the 10k, can provide a wealth of knowledge about a company. These financial statements are designed to inform the public (shareholders, investors, analysts, etc.) about the performance of the company.  

Where can I find these reports?

Companies will host these reports on their corporate websites (be aware that these sites may differ from their user-facing websites). When navigating these websites, look for an “About," “Company Information,” "Financial Reports," or “Investor Relations” link. If you are having trouble finding your company's public records, reach out to a librarian for help.  

Example: Boeing Financial Reports  

Use Library Databases to Find Company Reports

CityU Library subscribes to a number of specialized business databases that carry high-quality company reports. Keep in mind that you may have to search in multiple databases to determine which database offers the most relevant and substantial reports for your company or industry.  

Here is a list of databases that carry company reports: 
  • Search by company name or ticker symbol and select the company from results. Use the tabs at the top to navigate the report. 
  1. In Advanced Search, enter your company name in the first search box. 
  2. Scroll down to “Document Type” and choose “Company Report"
  3. Click search. 
  • Search by company name and select the company from the results

Find Journal, Magazine, or News Articles on Companies and their Competitors

Magazine, journal or news articles on your company adds recent data on trends, consumer behavior, advertising, mergers, pricing, etc. You can find this type of information by searching the following databases:  

When searching, combine your company name plus any relevant keywords. Make sure to limit your search by date and source type using the filters (located on the left-hand side of the results screen). 

Looking for news and information on local, Seattle-area businesses? Check out Puget Sound Business Journal via the National Business Journal Portal linked above.