Find a Company’s Competitors

Identify major players in an industry as well as a company’s key competitors. Each business database calculate competitors differently; compare and examine competitor lists.

Search Mint Global database:

  1. Enter company name and press Enter
  2. Select the top or parent company from results
  3. Click “View Industry Research reports”
  4. Open Company or Industry Reports
  5. In Company Report see “Top Competitors” or “Key Competitors”
  6. In Industry Report see “Leading Companies”

Second strategy in Mint Global database:

  1. Enter Company name and press Enter
  2. Select parent company
  3. Click the “By section” tab
  4. From drop-down menu below, select “Peer Information”
    Screenshot showing peer information limit to find company competitors

Search Business Source Complete database:

  1. Search Company name
  2. From Search results, find Company Profile and Company Information (From Results, see right-hand column)
  3. In Company profile see “Top Competitors” or “Key Competitors”
  4. In Industry Profile see “Leading Companies”


Search Hoovers Company Profiles:

  1. Enter Company name, Search, Select parent company
  2. Open full text record
  3. From “Browse Company Record” at left, Select “Competitors”


Search IBISWorld database:

  1. Enter Company or Industry name
  2. Open relevant Industry Profile
  3. Review report sections at top of screen
  4. Click “Major Companies” tab


Search Morningstar Investment Research Center:

  1. Enter Company name or Ticker Symbol
  2. Select from drop down list of suggested companies
  3. Right-hand column includes “Competitors” table


Search NetAdvantage database:

  1. Locate Industry Survey (see How to Find Industry Information)
  2. From Industry Survey, view table of contents
  3. Go to “Comparative Company Analysis” section
  4. Companies are grouped alphabetically by categories
  5. Compare categories to locate competitors or peers
    Screenshot showing comparative company analysis limit in search results