Find a Company’s Competitors

Identify major players in an industry as well as a company’s key competitors. Each business database calculate competitors differently; compare and examine competitor lists.

Search Business Source Ultimate database:

  1. Search Company name
  2. From Search results, find Company Profile and Company Information (From Results, see right-hand column)
  3. In Company profile see “Top Competitors” or “Key Competitors”
  4. In Industry Profile see “Leading Companies”

Search Hoovers Company Profiles:

  1. Enter Company name > Search > Select parent company
  2. Open full text record
  3. From “Browse Company Record” at left, Select “Competitors”

Search IBISWorld database:

  1. Enter Company or Industry name
  2. Open relevant Industry Profile
  3. Review report sections at top of screen
  4. Click “Major Companies” tab

Search Mergent Online:

  1. Enter Company name or Ticker Symbol in Company Search box
  2. Select company from drop-down list of suggested companies
  3. Default tab is “Company details”. Select “Competitors” tab.
  4. The company searched is bolded in Competitors list. Default display is filtered by Revenues.