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Evaluate Information

A how-to guide covering topics related to the evaluation of information.

Data Literacy


Data literacy is the ability to read, analyze, create, manage, and talk about data. Understanding how data functions is both important at an academic level--whether you are writing a dissertation or working on a data science project---but also at a personal level. Data regularly informs our daily decisions. The ability to read, analyze, and understand data can impact something as simple as reading a weather report or as important as who to vote for or how money for social services is allocated. Lastly, understanding data use is an important disposition to have when protecting your own privacy and information. 

Data Literacy Crash Course [YouTube Video Playlist]

Study Hall: Data Literacy presented by Arizona State University + Crash Course

Building the dispositions required for data literacy takes time and patience. However, there are some good primer courses available to you should you like to improve your data literacy skills. Below, you can find a list of recommended resources that will help you on your journey to becoming a more responsible data consumer and creator. 

Course Overview

"Data is everywhere. We expect it on our computers and in science labs, but it’s also in things like the food we eat, the websites we surf, and the cars we drive. We use it at work, school, or even just scrolling through YouTube. In this 15 episode playlist, your host Jessica Pucci will help us learn to think about the data we're presented with."

Watch below or click through to YouTube to see the full list of videos.