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Education & Leadership

A research guide for topics in education & leadership

Guide to Professional Organizations

Professional organizations are key to immersing yourself in the literature in education.

Learn educational practice through professional education associations and the journals they publish. Education association websites offer a wealth of teacher and leader resources, research, guides and tools. In addition, most publish one or more professional journals.

Many education associations offer membership with access to journals and online resources classes and books, etc.; many can be accessed through the CityU Library journal and book collections. 

Here are examples of professional education associations relevant to educational leadership: 

Below, explore additional examples of professional associations in the United States and Canada. 

United States


For School Principals (Washington State, USA, and Canada):

For Central Office and School Administrators

For CTE Administrators:

Other Resources

While not professional organizations, these for-profit companies publish original research, and can be a source of reports and data.