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A research guide for topics in education & leadership

Finding Education Cases

Finding Education Legal Cases 

Legal cases can be found online. 

Finding a Known Case 

If you are looking for a specific case in which you have some information, Google Scholar is the best option for finding the full case. You can search by case number or using the names of the defendant and/or plaintiff. 

Google Scholar search box with arrows indicating location of case law and courts










  • Use the “Case Law” check box under the main search bar.  
  • Select a court (optional) 
  • Enter the case number or names involved in the case. 

Your case should appear in the first few results. 

Browsing Cases

Browsing Cases 

If you are looking for potential cases related to a topic of interest, you will need to find more information about it first. Google Scholar can at times provide cases when you search using keywords, but it is more efficient to have a case in mind. 

The following are a few suggestions for places to learn about education cases: 


Choose a newspaper that you trust and search using keywords related to your case. Major newspapers covering Education topics include but are not limited to:

Academic Journals 

The journals listed below cover topics related to education and law. Search within these publications to find example cases on your topic. Make sure to choose a journal that covers your student population (elementary, high school, higher ed, etc.). 

Please be aware that this is not a complete list of journals that cover law topics with relation to education. Searching more broadly within our education databases can produce results.  

Searching the Web

Searching the Web 

Google Web Search

You will find a large variety of resources online that relate to education cases. Blogs from professional organizations can be useful in this situation in order to learn about current education cases. Use these sites to find suggestions and more information about a case that interests you. 

Use the information in the blog to get case numbers and names of people involved to then search in Google Scholar.

Recommended Blogs

Government Sites 

Government sites (ending in .gov) are another reputable place to find current legislation and policy information