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Counseling & Psychology

A research guide for topics in counseling & psychology

Find Counseling Journals


This page is designed to show how to search for specific (or known) journals within the library collection. Looking for a specific journal title? You can do so through some of the below methods. If you want general information on how to best search the library collection based on topic, we recommend starting with our How to Search the Library Collections guide:

Using the Journal Finder

Find a specific journal by title using the Search and Request tab and select Find a Journal.

open search and request tab and select Find a Journal

Journal Finder search bar and results

Click through to access the journal, and select the year, volume, and issue from your citation. 

Review the articles in the individual journal to find the one needed OR search for your title  or relevant keywords, using the "search within this publication" field. 

Here's an example from a ProQuest database; other databases may look slightly different, but will function in a similar way.

an example from a ProQuest database with highlighted search fields

You can find a short video of this process below.

Databasics: Find a Journal

Finding Journals within databases

PsycInfo + PsycArticles (Proquest)

1. Select the "Publications" tab

select "publications" tab

2. Search by Journal title or browse using the filters on the left hand side.

search by title or browse filters on left hand side

Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection (Ebsco)

1. click "publications" tab2. Search by journal title or browse using the options below the search bar.

search in search bar by title or browse

Mental Health & Social Care Collection (Taylor & Francis)

1. Select "Find a Journal"

find a journal button2. Browse by journal alphabetically or search by journal title

browse by journal or search by title

Finding Journals by Subject

PsycInfo + PsycArticles (Proquest)

(See step 2 in Find Journal Within a Database)

Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection (Ebsco)

1. Select the "Subjects" tab.

select the "subjects" tab2. Browse by subject or search by keyword.

browse in search bar by subject or keyword

Mental Health & Social Care Collection (Taylor & Francis)

1. From the database homepage, scroll down to the "Browse by subject" section.

list of subjects to browse