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Counseling & Psychology

A research guide for topics in counseling & psychology

Find Testing and Assessment Information

What Types of Tests are Available? 

Published tests are available from test publishers. Publishers control the distribution of tests to prevent public familiarity with test content and to ensure tests are administered and scored by qualified examiners. Only a few sources provide an actual test. Some sources will give basic details and a short summary about a testing instrument. Other resources provide an overview or review of a test. 

* Test and assessments (and kits that include them) cannot be requested through interlibrary loan.

Unpublished tests are referred to in articles but are not often available from commercial publishers. PsycTESTS (linked below) provides access to full text or partial full text of some unpublished tests. Occasionally, copies or portions of unpublished tests may be found in journal articles or books. 

Help from the American Psychological Association

Locating Evaluations

Locate evaluations of test instruments

Library Homepage Search 

Search subject terms to find articles, books and e-books: 

  • psychometrics 
  • personality tests 
  • intelligence tests 
  • psychological testing



Finding Reliability & Validity Data for Tests

Finding Reliability & Validity Data

PsycTESTS and Mental Measurements databases provide reliability & validity data for individual tests. This data is located in a different place in each database.

Here is an example from

In PsycTESTS, the data is contained in the  "Abstract/Details" page.  Expand the page to "Show More..." You will see sections labeled "Reliability" and "Validity."

an image of a PsychTests results page, showing the "Abstract/Details" tab

screenshot of PsycTESTS detail page, with sections highlighted

Here is an example from

In Mental Measurements, the data is contained in the review of the test. There may be a section marked "TECHNICAL," which contains reliability & validity data. Or, you may need to scan the full text of the review to find the data. 

screenshot of Mental Measurements review page with Technical section highlighted

Finding Copies of Tests

Where Can I Find Copies of Tests? 


PsycInfo allows users to filter for available tests that 

  1. have permission to be used in teaching/research
  2. have supplementary material available, such as the test itself

If you would like to see tests that fall into those categories, you can choose the appropriate filters when searching in PsycInfo, or browse the list below:


Websites often provide useful links to collections of tests and measures. Be careful in your usage and make sure that tests that you find online are accurate and complete.