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Canadian Services: Alberta - Calgary

City University of Seattle Library services for students in Canada.

Services in Calgary

CityU will reimburse the purchase of a community card from Mount Royal University Library. Community cards allow cardholders to check out books at the library from which their card was obtained. This includes issuance of a TAL (The Alberta Library) card which is valid at almost any library in the province and provides access to the NEOS consortium. Students should request a receipt for the purchase of the community card and submit it to their advisor for reimbursement. Reimbursement takes the form of a credit posted to the student's account.

If, as a result of COVID, your local institution is not providing materials to community card holders, we at CityU Library will do our best to provide the resources you need.

Students may also want to use the collections and interlibrary loan services that are available at their local public libraries.

Mount Royal University Library
Mount Royal University community borrower information