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HR 405 Research Guide

This guide will support students in completing the Individual Paper: Critical Analysis assignment.

Find Your Reading List : Video

Find Your Reading List

PLEASE NOTE: The Leganto user interface has recently changed (03/15/2024). Some instructions in this guide may be inaccurate. We appreciate your patience as the library team works to update this guide to reflect those changes.

Watch this brief 1:57 video on two ways to find your course Reading List.

You can also read full instructions with screenshots in the boxes below. 

Find Your Reading List : Instructions

Reading Lists from the Library's Homepage

30 days before the start of the quarter, you can access quarterly Reading Lists from the Library's homepage.

Click "Reading List"

Reading list button on Library homepage


Then choose "All Lists" from the dropdown menu next to the search bar.

screenshot of all lists drop down menu on an example Reading List

Finally, search for your course by the course code and choose your list from the selection.

screenshot showing how to search using your course code

Reading Lists in Brightspace

Once you have gained access to your course shell (5 days before the start of the quarter), the section Reading List appears as a tab at the top of the page. Clicking this link will take you directly to the list for your course:

Brightspace menu with Reading list highlighted

How Do I Access Course Materials?

How to Read a Reading List

Typically, all of your course readings will be listed on your course Reading List. Items that are available through the library (or are otherwise freely available online) will have a link that says "Available through CityU Library". Items that need to be purchased will say "Purchase from a vendor of your choosing." 

Pink arrows pointing to the tags for "Purchase from a vendor of your choosing" and "Available through cityu library"

Searching within Reading Lists

Search for an Author or Title

Most lists are organized with Required resources (which may need to be purchased), at the top, and then by Module. Once you are in your course's Reading List, you can navigate by section, or search for an author or title within the list. To search the list, simply click on the magnifying glass in the top navigation and enter your keywords.


pink arrow pointing to the magnifying glass search icon in an example Reading List