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MBA 541 - Global Business Plan Project Resource Guide

This project template is designed to provide the foundation for an international business plan.

Phase Two: Planning the Global Business Enterprise


This phase is designed to help you research and plan the beginning stages of a global enterprise or product expansion. Each section in this guide contains a research component or goal that will help you build your Global Business Plan for MBA 541. Resources to accomplish these goals are recommended. The guided "Pro-tips" will help you navigate some of the highlighted databases and websites.

As always, if you have any questions about the content in this guide, please ask a librarian. For more information about this project, please refer to your online course. Please direct any questions about assignment expectations or requirements directly to your instructor. 

Section One

Analyzing International Competitors

Identify domestic and international companies involved in similar business global business activities

Recommended Resources:


Your company’s competitors should be included in the industry and company reports you gathered during Phase One. Return to those reports to find a list. You can then research those companies further using some of the same techniques.

Section Two

Assessing the Economic and Geographic Environment

Examine geographic and economic factors that affect the business environment of a nation

Recommended Resources:

Pro-tip one: 

Mergent Online carries Dunn & Bradstreet Country RiskLine Reports, which are great for exploring a number of risks and can be applied to the next three sections of Phase One. To find these reports, click on the “Country Insights” tab, browse for your country, and select the most recent report.

Pro-tip two:

In Statista, you'll want to specifically look for country reports. Statista country reports can be found linked under the "Reports" drop-down menu

Pro-tip three:

Transportation information is a great place to get a sense of the geographic and environmental limitations in a given area.

Section Three

Assessing the Social-Cultural Environment

Research social institutions, customs, traditions, and beliefs influencing business

Recommended Resources:

Section Four

Assessing the Political-Legal Environment

Research the influence of local government and regulations on business activities

Recommended Resources:

Pro-tip one: 

While researching legal topics, keep an eye out for the following keywords: employee and labor laws, tax codes, trade and customs, tariffs, licensing and permits, antitrust laws, standards and regulations.

Pro-tip two:

The World Bank Group’s “Economy Snapshots” are great for exploring legal topics in your chosen country. However, when using this resource, don’t forget to download the full economy report. 

Screenshot of a World Bank Group report