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MBA 541 - Global Business Plan Project Resource Guide

This project template is designed to provide the foundation for an international business plan.

Phase Three: Organizing for Global Business Activities


This phase is designed to help you research and design the organizational structure for your global enterprise. Each section in this guide contains a research component or goal that will help you build your Global Business Plan for MBA 541. Resources to accomplish these goals are recommended. The guided "Pro-tips" will help you navigate some of the highlighted databases and websites.

As always, if you have any questions about the content in this guide, please ask a librarian. For more information about this project, please refer to your online course shell. Please direct any questions about assignment expectations or requirements directly to your instructor. 


Section One

Selecting a Company Structure

Suggest objectives and an organizational framework for global business operations.

Recommended Resources:

Refer to information found in your Module 7 readings.

Section Two

Financing Sources for Global Business Operations

Project start-up costs and funding sources for international operations

Recommended Resources:


On the International Trade Administration’s website, financing information can be found in the Country Commercial Guides under "Selling US Products and Services." This should also include websites for additional research. 

screenshot of a Vietnam country commercial guide


Section Three

Creating a Global Management Information System

Identify needed databases and information systems to facilitate international business activities.

Recommended Resources:

Refer to information found in your Module 8 readings.

Section Four

Identifying Human Resources for Global Business Activities

Gather information on needed personnel for operating an international enterprise

Recommended Resources:

Previous course readings, as well as the following databases--


When searching in EBSCO and ProQuest Databases (like those listed above) it is best to use keywords. Here are some keywords that will help you search this topic: “human resources” or HR ; global or international ; business ; culture ; employee. You can combine these terms with your country name, industry, or product to perform a narrower search

Section Five

Managing International Financial and Business Risks

Identify methods for reducing global business risks

Recommended Resources:

Previous course readings, along with the following databases--


If you have been following the guidance in this research template so far, you should have identified a number of risks or issues associated with doing business in your chosen country. Use the risks you’ve identified in these assessments and apply them to a broader search about managing global business risks. When searching, combine search terms with concepts and ideas you’ve learned in your course readings.