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MBA 541 - Global Business Plan Project Resource Guide

This project template is designed to provide the foundation for an international business plan.

Phase One: Choosing a Company and Global Business Opportunity


Teams will determine a potential international market for an existing or proposed product or service.

Step One

Read the instructions for the Global Business Plan and, as a team, choose a company to use for this project. Using the resources outlined in the following how-to guides, conduct background research on your chosen company and the corresponding industry.

Recommended resources:

Pro-Tip One: When choosing a company, it is highly recommended that you choose a publicly traded company. If you choose a private company or small start-up, you may not be able to fulfill the research requirements for the Global Business Plan.

Pro-Tip Two: Large companies often operate within multiple industries. Pick the industry that best reflects the service or product you plan to expand to a new market.

Step Two

Based on the background information you gleaned through your company and industry research, identify three potential markets (aka. countries) in which to expand the business, product, or service.

Step Three

Students will do a high-level, side-by-side comparison of the three potential countries using the following tools. Your evaluation of these countries should be rooted in the background information you gathered about both the company and the industry. Make note of both good and bad performing areas in the country comparison. Identify areas for review based on the type of business, product, or service you plan to expand to this new market.

Based on the country comparison, teams will choose one country to evaluate in-depth over the course of this class. As noted above, the research you conduct throughout this course on this country will provide the basis of your Global Business Plan Project.

Step Four

Teams will submit their high-level comparison and final country choice to their instructor for approval. In addition to the comparison, teams should submit a one to two paragraph justification for their country choice.