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Introducing Flipster…

Flipster allows you to browse and read magazines on your phone, tablet, or computer.  This intuitive and visual resource is great for exploring popular magazines and journals for class assignments or just for fun!  Read more  

Book Review of “Customer Sense”

Why does the smell of cinnamon make a heating pad appear to work better?  Why does wine taste better in a wine glass than a water glass?  Such questions are explored in Customer Sense: How the 5 senses influence buying behavior.  Read CityU librarian Al Ybarra's review!

CityU Presents at Ed Tech Conference

Staff from CityU’s Library & Learning Resource Center and eLearning departments presented at the second annual Washington State Higher Education Technology Conference, "Building Bridges," held April 14-15, 2016, in Spokane, Washington. Read more

New to CityU Library?

New to CityU and CityU Library?  Chances are good that you will need to find an article or a book for an assignment.  Check out the library page on starting your research.  For personalized service, contact the library to set up a meeting with the librarian for your program.  We are here to support our students and want to help you do your best work!

Teaching Faculty, Embed Video in Your Spring Quarter Courses

Library video databases, like Global Business & Economics in Video and Criminal Justice in Video, are great instructional resources for your class. Librarians can help source videos from outside the library too, like the ASCD. Contact your librarian for support as you plan for spring quarter.

Looking for Your Spring Textbooks?

The Find Your Textbook page will help you determine what books you need for Spring courses. You can purchase or rent required resources via the U.S. or Canada Bookstores