What is it?

Leganto is CityU’s central repository of course resources which promotes collaboration between program directors, instructors, and librarians to create and publish course reading lists

Benefits to students include:

  • Easy access to each course reading list of all materials in one place
  • Can reduce cost to students through the use of digital library resources
  • Broken links are minimized; links that do break can be reported and fixed quickly

With Leganto, faculty can:

  • Quickly add resources from the web, drag and drop library resources, or upload files
  • Add or edit resources to the section reading list at any point in the quarter
  • Easily reuse content in subsequent terms by saving citations in the Collection area

How Do I Get Access?

  • Starting 30 days prior to their course(s), Students can click Find Your Textbook from the library homepage, then click Find List to search for course reading list(s)
  • Program managers will see their Master reading list (MasterRL) on their Leganto landing page
  • Instructors will gain access to their section reading lists when their Blackboard course shells are available (17 days before the start of the quarter) by clicking Course Information > Reading List. [Overview video for instructors]
  • Students will also see the section reading list in Blackboard at Course Information > Reading List.

Program Manager Responsibilities

Each course has a Master reading list containing resources (both Required and Recommended) that applies to all sections of that course. Only program managers and library staff can see these Master reading lists.

Master reading lists are unlocked for 60 days, four times per year, so that edits can be made to the following quarter reading lists. After you have edited your Master reading list(s) during these times, click the Library Review button. The library will then publish your edits!

When to review/edit your Master reading list [See U.S. timeline and Canada timeline]:

  • December 1 – January 31 for Spring quarter
  • March 1 – April 30 for Summer quarter
  • June 1 – July 31 for Fall quarter
  • September 1 – October 31 for Winter quarter

Instructor Options

Each course section has its own Section reading list that inherits the Required and Recommended resources from the Master reading list. Instructors can then add additional e-books, articles, book chapters, streaming videos, websites, documents, etc., to their section reading list. [Overview video for instructors]

The section reading list is what students will see under Course Information in their Blackboard shell.

Who Do I Contact for Help?

If you can’t find a reading list, or if you need help with your reading list(s), please Ask a Librarian!


What is required from Program Directors and/or Program Managers for librarians to review?

When PMs or PDs make changes to a Leganto list, they should finish by clicking the blue “Library Review” button. Library staff is alerted and reviews the reading list to check the metadata (verify the ISBN, links, sticker price, etc.) as well as determine if the resources are available electronically through the library or must be purchased by students.

Is Leganto required to use in Blackboard?

Leganto is automatically added to Blackboard for all classes (Course Information > Reading List). We recommend that all required and recommended readings are listed on the Leganto reading list. Any links to resources in the Blackboard shell are not monitored or maintained by the library.

Where Can I Learn More?

Ex Libris’ YouTube channel as well as training portal show common Leganto tasks: