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Country Culture & Overview

GlobalEDGE Global Insights by Country

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BBC Country Profiles

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    Screenshot showing India typed into search box under the South Asia world region header

Doing Business Report Series – World Bank Group

Indicators and regulations for 189 countries

  • From Economy Profiles drop-down menu, select Country for Country Economy Profile
  • From Regional Profiles drop-down menu, select Region for Regional Profile

Culturegrams database

  • Select World Edition
  • Enter country in search box or use interactive map to click on country
  • Explore report sections at left: family, culture, customs, history, map, demographics, photo gallery, infographic, and more.

CIA World Factbook Produced by US Central Intelligence Agency

  • Use drop down “Please select a country to view” or click interactive world map to locate country
  • Use maps, photos, or click open sections: Introduction, Geography, People and Society, Government, etc.

International Trade Administration

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Country Insights (Centre for Intercultural Learning, Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada)

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  • Country Facts links or Cultural Information links
  • Cultural Information presents intercultural questions from the country perspective and the Canadian perspective

Country Reports in CityU databases

Business Source Ultimate offers country reports detailing economic analysis, business risk, government & politics, GDP, industries, employment and more.

  1. Type the name of your country in the search box.
  2. In the Search Options area, select “Country Report” from the Publication Type drop-down menu.
  3. Click Search

Mergent Online

  1. Click the “Country Insight” tab at the top
  2. Select region or expand a region to select a country
  3. Limit by document type or date range at left


  1. Hover over “Reports” and select Country Reports
  2. Click “Show More Country Reports”