Find Technology & Computing Sources

To locate the most recent developments in the area of technology and computing, you will need to access not just scholarly journals, but also trade journals, technical magazines, and conference proceedings.

This guide includes a list of recommended databases in the areas of computer science, information technology, and information security. As always, if you have any questions Ask-a-Librarian!

ACM Digital Library

This database includes journals, conference proceedings, technical magazines, newsletters, and books focusing on technology topics.

Screenshot showing ACM Digital Library features

On the advanced search page, you can search by keywords. Just pick a “field,” like author, publication, or keyword, and enter your search terms in the search box. Need to search by multiple fields? Add another row by clicking on the plus sign next to the search box.

Screenshot showing options to limit search results and add search terms

Homeland Security Digital Library

This collection includes documents related to homeland security policy, strategy, and organizational management. They have a detailed help page that overviews how to search this database.

Screenshot showing instructions to use Homeland Security Digital Library

IEEE Computer Society

The IEEE Computer Society is a membership organization in the field of computer science and technology. They publish several peer-reviewed journals, host conferences, and are well known within the computer science community. Their digital library provides online access to their journals and more that 9,000 conference publications. You can find a guide to searching their collection here: Using Search.

International Security & Counter Terrorism Reference Center

This EBSCO database host articles and reports covering security and anti-terrorism issues. Use the “Select a Field” drop down menu to search by specific items, like title, author, or publication. Use the filters on the search screen to narrow down your search.

Screenshot showing filters on the search screen to narrow down search results in EBSCO database

Keep in mind that if you want to keep track of any articles you find over multiple sessions, you will need to create an account:

Screenshot showing the sign in option to create an account and folders options to organize

ProQuest Computing

This ProQuest database offers articles on topics in computing and information technology. Much like EBSCO-hosted databases, you have the option to search on several different fields at once, as well as filter your results based on your needs. Also like EBSCO-hosted databases, you will need to create a My Research account in order to save articles and searches.

Screenshot showing ProQuest Computing Database features

E-Book Resources:

E-books can be great sources for programming and software information. Need to learn a new programming language? Look no further!

O’Reilly for Higher Education

Ebook Central


Online Repositories:

There are some very robust online repositories available in the areas of computer science and information technology. While many of the items in these collections are open access, you may come across some articles that are locked. If you do, remember that you have to option to request items through our interlibrary loan service.

arXiv CORR

The Computer Research Repository through arXiv allows researchers to search, browse, and download papers.


Often considered a precursor to Google Scholar, CiteSeer is a public search engine and digital library for scientific and academic papers in the field of computer and information science.