Find Industry Reports

The form and contents of industry reports vary between databases. Compare and select the industry report best fitting your focused market, geography, products and services.

Common elements of industry reports:
Definition of the industry market, industry growth rate, industry total revenues, industry segmentation, industry distribution channels, industry life cycle and forecasts, top companies in the industry


Find Industry Reports in Management Databases

Search Business Source Complete database:

  1. Enter keywords describing the industry
  2. Under Publication Type, select Industry Profile


  1. Enter name of company in the first search box and press Enter
  2. In the Company Information sidebar at right, click your specific company
  3. Under Related Information at left, click “Industry Profiles”

*Tip: If looking for a full industry analysis, try to avoid “Snapshots” or other articles that only briefly examine one aspect of the industry.


Search IBISWorld database:

  1. Type industry name in search box OR see “Browse report listings” below search box
  2. Select Industry Report from Category or Results List
  3. Helpful IBISWorld Industry Report sections: Competitive Landscape, Major Companies, Industry Outlook, etc.


Search Mint Global database:

  1. Enter a company name in search box
  2. Click the global parent company (often first on the list)
  3. Click “View Industry Research reports” just below company information
  4. Browse industry profiles, or use the drop-down at upper-right to locate types of industry profiles


 Search NetAdvantage database:

  1. Click on the Industries button at the top of the page
  2. Under from Browse All Industries, select an Industry (click HTML or PDF to open)
  3. Under Industry Survey: Current Environment, Industry Profile and Industry Trends present valuable analysis of industry players, competition, trends and economic and environmental obstacles
  4. Under Industry Survey: Comparative Company Analysis provides financials of top industry companies grouped by type


Search Statista database:

  1. Click on the Reports drop-down menu at the top of the page and choose Industry Reports
  2. Click Show more Industry Reports
  3. Browse the reports or use the search bar to find a particular industry. Select reports from the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and France are available, as well as reports with global coverage.


Find Articles about an Industry

Business Source Complete provides a wide range of publications: In addition to Industry Reports and Company Reports, access full text articles from scholarly, professional, magazine and news journals.

  1. Study the industry reports from Business Source Complete but also gather and learn from the many journal articles about your industry and top company competing in the industry. Search using many keywords terms. Mix and match keywords and phrases to locate articles which indicate trends and recent events or marketing tactics.
  2. Example search: “whole foods” AND grocery (full text, 2010-present)
    Screenshot showing Full Text limiter selected, and Published Date range specified, from sidebar at left
  1. Brainstorm keywords and look for keywords in articles – test out many searches
  2. Look for journals specific to your industry or products