Find Company Reports/Profiles

Is your company public or private? Private companies are not required to report financial information (Annual report/10K) therefore data may be limited. If you research private companies, piece together information from many sources.

Find Company’s Annual Report/10K at Company Website (for Public Companies):

  • A public company’s website publishes the most recent Annual Report/10K and other shareholder information
  • Where is the Annual Report/10K? Look for “About”, “Company Information” or “Investor Relations” link, often located at the bottom of the page

Find Company Reports in Management Databases

City University Library Management databases subscribes to specialized databases with company and industry reports: Business Source Complete, Mergent Online, and Mint Global.

You may have to search in some or all of these databases in order to determine which database offers the most relevant and substantial reports for your company or industry. Two key pieces to look for in a company report: SWOT analysis, Top Competitors.

Search Business Source Complete database: 

  1. Enter your company name in the first search box, and click Search
  2. Look in the right-hand sidebar for Company Information and Company Profile sections
  3. Click the document(s) below these sections for a Company Profile/Report
  4. Look for SWOT and Top Competitors sections in a Company Profile
  5. If your company is not covered or has no company report in Business Source Complete, search one of the other specialized databases on this page!

Search Mint Global database:

  1. Enter the company name, press Enter (top result tends to be the Parent/Global company – subsidiaries tend to appear under Parent Company)
  2. Click on name of Parent/Global Owner
  3. From One Page Report (default view) click on View Industry Research reports
  4. Use drop-down to select Company Profiles from MarketLine or Morningstar
  5. If your company is not covered in Mint Global, search one of the other specialized databases on this page.

Search Hoover’s Company Profiles database:

  1. Search by company name, select company from results
  2. Click “Link to full text”
  3. Select report section from Browse Company Record

Search NetAdvantage database:

  1. Simple Search for Company Profile by company name or ticker symbol
    Screenshot showing the Simple Search options, with Company Profile selected from the Resources drop-down, Ticker selected from the Search by drop-down, and MCD typed into the Enter search box.
  2. Use left menu to access: Company Profile sections, AND also Industry Surveys

Tip: Use the NetAdvantage industry profiles to learn how to analyze a company in the context of a specific industry. Just click on the How to analyze link at the top of any industry survey to find out more.

Find Journal, Magazine or News Articles on Companies and Their Competitors

Magazine, journal or news articles on your company adds recent data on trends, consumer behavior, advertising, mergers, pricing, etc. Articles are especially useful for finding information about private companies.

Search Business Source Complete database:

  1. Think of keywords to combine in searches – look for more relevant keywords to add to new searches
    Screenshot showing sample search with Safeway typed into the first search box and organic typed into the second search box. Additional search recommended: "Safeway AND Kroger"

Search ABI/Inform Trade and Industry database:

  1. Think of keywords to combine in searches – look at “Related Searches” for additional terms to add to new searches.