Find Company and Industry Ratios

Find Ratios in Morningstar Investment Research Center

The Morningstar Investment Research Center database offers company reports with a Key Ratios section with comprehensive company ratios over 10 years, other report sections provide company ratios, company/industry ratios comparison and company/competitor ratios comparison.

  1. Enter ticker symbol or company name (Enter a Ticker or Name).
  2. Click the Key Ratios tab, which includes profit margins, revenue growth rates, cash flow ratios, financial health, efficiency ratios as well as a 10 year financial history. Use sub-tabs to move to each ratio.
  3. Click the Valuation tab, which includes historical, current and forward valuation ratios, several price ratios, yields, and industry averages, while incorporating outside analyst opinions with Wall Street Estimates.
  4. Click Export to download Ratios and financial reports as spreadsheets.


Find Ratios in Mint Global

  1. Enter company name and press Enter
  2. Select the top or parent company from results
  3. Click the By Section tab
  4. For company ratios: Select Financial Information from the first drop-down menu and select Global Ratios from the second drop-down menu
  5. For industry ratios: Select Peer information from the first drop-down menu
  6. Click Modify to change criteria (number of companies in peer group, reference year, etc.)
  7. Scroll to Ratios section
  8. The average of that peer group could serve as an industry ratio


Calculate Industry Ratios

Identify five (roughly) top major industry competitors. Find and add up the individual company ratios. Divide by the number of companies to arrive at an industry average.