Find Business Sources

Searching for objective information about industries, companies and countries can be tricky. Luckily, the CityU Library has many quality resources to help you with your research. This tutorial provides a brief overview of how to access and use information for a business plan, industry analysis or country report. If you have any questions, ask a librarian!

Using Business Databases

Business databases are a good place to start looking for resources. Start by looking at our list of databases and determining which best suits your topic.

For articles about management let’s take a look at Business Source Complete. You can refine your search by adding other search terms or limits on geography, date, etc. Be careful! Don’t add too many or your results will be too narrow.

Screenshot showing how to refine search results in business source complete

Finding E-books on Business Subjects

CityU library has thousands of e-books on management related topics that you can read from home. These databases can help you find important resources for your research:

Industry Reports

Industry reports can be a good starting place for an industry analysis because they provide information at a broad, profile level. Common elements of industry reports include:

  • A definition of the industry
  • A description of the market
  • Industry trends
  • Key competitors
  • Information about how the industry operates
  • External factors that may affect the industry, such as consumer behaviors, laws and regulation and economic trends
  • Market share size

Keep in mind: Some resources may define an industry in broad terms, such as retail or consumer electronics, while other resources may focus on certain segments of an industry, like portable media players or phones. Search for information under broad and specific industries that pertain to your topic in order to maximize your results.

Industry reports can be a good starting place for an industry analysis because they provide information at a broad, profile level.

Many of the management databases found through the CityU Library allow you to search for information related to an industry. Below are some tips for searching in a few of the library’s databases. Check out this industry information tutorial on the library’s webpage to find additional database-specific search tips.

Mint Global

  • Search by company in the main search box on the landing page
  • Or, for advanced options, click the green “Search companies” or “Search industry research” buttons to the right


  • If you know the name of a major company in an industry, use Simple Search to search by Company Name for the related Industry Survey

    Screenshot showing filter options to search Industry Surveys in NetAdvantage using company name
  • Or, click the Industries tab from the top of the screen. From the Industry Surveys drop-down menu, choose your industry and click the orange arrow.

Company Reports

Many of the library’s databases contain company reports. Below, you will find instructions for locating company reports in a few of our databases. This guide on finding company reports provides search tips for additional databases, as well as other useful information about finding company information.

Mint Global

  • Click on the Companies box.
  • Enter the company name, then click Search.
  • Click on the company name in the results.
  • Tip: Look in the GUO Name column on the right side of the results list to determine if the company is a subsidiary.

Researching a Country

 When writing a business plan or analyzing an industry, you may want to find out about the business climate in a particular country. Our Research a Country guide provides tips on find the following types of information:

  • Current events and media
  • Country overviews
  • Culture and lifestyles
  • Regulations and laws
  • Markets and industries
  • Statistics
  • Finance and accounting
  • Company information

Finding NAICS/SIC Industry Codes

NAICS and SIC Codes are classification numbers used to group companies which operate in the same industry. Although NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) was introduced in 1997 to replace the 1987 SIC (US Standard Industrial Classification), both are still used on many company reports and articles to assign an industry code.

NAICS and SIC codes are used by business and government to classify economic activity and compare businesses and industries in North American or the US.

  • To find a NAICS code for a particular industry, search on the NAICS page of the Census Bureau website.
  • To identify the NAICS/SIC code assigned to a company, or the NAICS/SIC code for a particular industry, search in the library’s Mint Global database.

A company may be classified by several codes in to capture their industry and products/services. A company may also identify primary and secondary industry codes.

A search by industry code allows you to compare industries and find companies that compete in the same industry or offer the same products/services. In addition, a search by industry code provides a comprehensive look at an industry.

For more information, see our Use NAICS Codes guide.