Develop as a Scholar and Writer

CityU’s Leadership programs develop you as scholars, practitioners, and leaders. The following links and information will guide you in writing at a masters and doctoral level:

Providing Context

When using information at a higher level, students need to provide context for the scholarly sources selected.

What does this mean? The first time you use a citation in a paper or a discussion post, you need to provide context for the resource you are using so the reader clearly understands why it was the best one to support your position.

What is the article about? What are the key points? Why was the article selected to support your position? Is it a valid source? Peer-reviewed? Sound research? Well-supported?

Be sure to evaluate the articles you read to find the best one to support (or refute!) your position. You may need to review 5-10 sources to find a high-quality source that will adequately support your position. Keep in mind, readers will judge your credibility by the sources you select, so make sure they are good ones!

Resources for Graduate Writers

  • Evaluating resources: A guide to help you choose and evaluate sources that you find while doing your research. *Keep in mind that each program has requirements that should be carefully observed.
  • Five Professional Skills Graduate Students Should Learn: A helpful frame of reference for increasing your leadership skills and the application of leadership theory to further advance in your career.