Manage Citations & Sources

It is important to keep track of your sources so you can use them when you need to for assignments. Citation managers allow you to:

  • Manage sources and create bibliographies
  • Choose your citation style, including APA
  • Access your saved sources and references from anywhere online
  • Import sources from other research software
  • Easily synchronize across devices


Get Started with Zotero

  1. Go to the Zotero homepage
  2. Sign up and download Zotero
  3. Get the plugins for Microsoft Word
  4. View the Zotero quick start guide


Get Started with Mendeley

  1. Go to the Mendeley homepage
  2. Sign up and download Mendeley
  3. Install the Web Importer on your favorite Web browser (check the FAQs for a list of currently supported browsers)
  4. View the Mendeley help guides