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“The modern concept of ‘sustainability’ may best be understood as the integration of very rich but often separate conversations about ecological stewardship, sound economic practices, and social responsibility” (Creating a sustainable future, 2007). All of these areas are important to keep in mind when researching sustainability and when completing assignments on the subject since sustainability is a topic that expands into many areas.


  • This guide will help you identify sustainability in its various forms
  • Relate its importance to your area of study
  • Find sustainability resources that apply to you in the library
  • Identify ways in which sustainability is embedded in your everyday life


Business Sustainability

Sustainability in business encompasses most, if not all, of the principles of sustainability you will see in the items below. It is a “business strategy that drives long-term corporate growth and profitability by mandating the inclusion of environmental and social issues in the business model” (“Do well do good,” n.d.). All of these elements are crucial to different aspects of conducting business such as making a profit, marketing, HR policies and many more. It is important to understand the role sustainability has in the business world in order to be successful.

Article on corporate sustainability:

Websites on Business Sustainability:


Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is a “hot topic” in the news today and has a huge impact on business. It can affect all aspects of business, from business ethics to marketing. It is important to maintain a sustainable business while being mindful of sustainability in the environment. The goal is to reduce the negative impact that your business will have on the environment.

Websites on environmental sustainability:

If doing research on specific companies, their websites will often contain information about new initiatives in environmental sustainability.

Social Sustainability

Social sustainability is a lesser known area of business ethics but this does not minimize its importance. It encompasses aspects such as equity, diversity, quality of life, and cohesion between groups. It is important in people’s way of life and thus affects business and its development and management. Barriers to social sustainability include: poverty, unemployment, social exclusion, social problems related to safety, inequity, health and working circumstances. Businesses should make an effort to minimize these barriers in order to provide a valuable service to their communities.

Here is an example of a corporation’s social sustainability standards and commitments: IFC World Bank policy on sustainability. Many large companies will have such policies and they can be found on their corporate websites.

Websites about social sustainability:


Resources on Sustainability

Databases like Business Source Complete provide a good starting point to your sustainability research.

Look in our collection of electronic books for resources on your topic. Both Ebook Central and Skillsoft Books offer a wide selection.

Journals to explore: