Submit Items to CityU’s Academic Repository


1. Log in to academic repository at


2.  Click City University of Seattle under Communities.


3. Click an appropriate collection for the work. Open access collection: the full text of your work will be available to everyone on the web. Restricted collection: only citation and abstract are available to everyone. Visitors may request access to full text; authors may then choose to grant this request or not.


4. Click Submit a new item to this collection.


5. Read the license agreement. Check I Grant the License to accept the agreement. Click Next.


6. Enter basic metadata for the work.

7. Click Next. Enter additional metadata for the work. Click Next.

8. Click Choose File button and select work to be submitted. If work includes multiple files, upload in sequential order, starting with the title page or most prominent piece. The optional file description can normally be left blank, but use when the file name is cryptic or misleading. Click Next.


9. Review entered metadata and uploaded file(s). When satisfied that information is correct, click Complete submission.