SMART Boards

What is it?

The SMART Board replaces the regular whiteboard in the classroom, and requires special markers. Computer contents may be projected onto the board and can be interacted with, recorded, and saved back to the computer. SMART boards work with any standard software (including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint). SMART also offers its own presentation software (SMART Notebook).

Classroom computers connected to the SMART Boards are ready to use and should never be disconnected or turned off. Instead, log off at the end of your session. Connecting a personal laptop in order to project content onto the SMART Board is possible, but you will need to download the appropriate drivers for your operating system from the SMART Tech support website.

How Do I Get Access?

CityU has one Model 685 with UX60 projector Interactive SMART Board, at each of five sites: Seattle, Everett, Renton, Tacoma, and Vancouver, WA. To reserve a SMART Board classroom, faculty complete the equipment request form emailed prior to the start of the quarter or contact a local site assistant. Faculty will receive a product key and link to product drivers. These numbers are only needed to download SMART Notebook presentation software for advanced functionality or to install and activate the SMART Board software on a personal laptop. Practice with the equipment is highly encouraged and can be scheduled through the site assistant.

Who Do I Contact If I Have Problems?

If you are having problems with SMART Boards specifically, use the Ask a Librarian service to request help from someone on the Academic Technology team. For other technical problems, visit the CityU 24/7 Help Desk or call 866-379-0288 to get help over the phone.

Where Can I Learn More?

Getting Started Training

Download the SMART Board operating instructions and watch each of the following CityU video tutorials to get up and running.

Quick References

SMART Board Whiteboard Hardware Basics Windows | Mac

  • Learn about basic hardware components, such as the SMART Pen Tray and the Ready Light.

SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard Tools Windows | Mac

SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard Basics

Vendor-provided online training in the form of product overview videos and recorded webinars.

The SMART Learning Space is an online learning environment packed with innovative, interactive eLearning courses that you can complete at your own pace.