OneDrive Guidelines

What is it?

OneDrive is online storage that comes with CityU’s Office 365 account. OneDrive allows you to access your files from any location, without emailing them to yourself or carrying a flash drive. You can back up many different file types to OneDrive, including documents, spreadsheets, photos, music, and more. Because each CityU user has 1 terabyte of personal storage on OneDrive, you can back up a large amount of data.


What is it for?

Put documents that you want to work on away from the CityU network on OneDrive. Also use OneDrive to back up your CityU-issued laptop files. Note that when you leave CityU, you will lose access to your OneDrive data.


What is it NOT for?

Faculty & Staff

OneDrive is not intended to store documents containing student records data. CityU recommends saving all of your business files to your H: drive. Your H: drive provides an extra layer of security for sensitive files such as those with student data (FERPA-protected). Using your H: drive will help to ensure that you do not lose important documents if your hard drive fails or, if you have a laptop, that your computer is lost or stolen.

OneDrive should be used for file backup, not file-sharing. Do not save documents to the “Share with Everyone” folder in your OneDrive account.

Important files used and shared by multiple people in your department should be saved to SharePoint, which allows easy collaboration and versioning control for documents used in your department or work group, such as policies and procedures.


How Can I Access OneDrive?

All current CityU staff, faculty, and students have access to OneDrive via the OneDrive tab of CityU webmail or by downloading the OneDrive client (from webmail, click the gear icon in the upper-right and select Office 365 Settings. Click Software at left. Click OneDrive at left. Click Install and follow the prompts to “sync”.)