Mobile Friendly Library Resources

Below is a list of CityU library websites and databases which are optimized to run on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. There are typically three “levels” of mobile access:

  • Mobile-friendly (page scales to size of screen, often features clean layout and easy navigation)
  • Mobile version (mobile-specific interface; sites often display the mobile version automatically to smartphones)
  • Mobile app (application available for download to use the site on a mobile device)

Each resource below is labeled according to its level or type of mobile access.  If you have any questions, please email


Library Services

  • Ask a Librarian – Chat (Mobile version)
  • CatalogPlus (Mobile version)
  • Journal Finder (Mobile version)


Library Databases

Articles & Video

  • EBSCO databases (Mobile version)
    • App also available for iPhone/iPad/Android:
      1. Log into an EBSCO database on your computer
      2. Click the EBSCOhost ‘iPhone and Android apps’ link at the very bottom of the page and enter your email address. An email with an authentication key is sent to you.
      3. Access the email from your phone or tablet using your phone’s email client – not a browser on your device – and then click the link found in the email to authenticate the application.
  • ProQuest databases (Mobile version accessible via this link only)
  • Alexander Street Press (Mobile version)
  • Mint Global (Mobile version)
  • NetAdvantage (Mobile-friendly)
  • Security Management Practices (Mobile-friendly)
  • Teen Health and Wellness (Mobile-friendly)



  • EBSCO E-books (Mobile version)
  • Credo Reference (Mobile-friendly)
  • McGraw-Hill (Pair device)
    1. On your computer, visit our McGraw-Hill e-book collections
    2. Click Register at the upper-right and create a personal account
    3. On your mobile device, visit
    4. Open the e-book on your mobile device
  • Ebrary (Mobile app)
    1. On your mobile device’s web browser, go to the CityU Library databases page and click Ebrary
    2. Click “Sign In” at the upper-right
    3. Log in using your CityU credentials
    4. Click “My Settings” at the upper-right
    5. Click “Link your account to Facebook” at the right of the screen, and log in to Facebook
    6. Click “OK” to link your Ebrary account to Facebook
    7. Open a new browser tab, and go to Adobe’s website
    8. If you have an Adobe account, sign in; otherwise click “Don’t have an Adobe ID?” and create an account
    9. In the App store on your mobile device, download the Ebrary app
    10. Once you’ve installed the Ebrary app, tap it to open
    11. Click the “Sign in with Facebook” button at the bottom of the screen
    12. Log in using your Facebook credentials
    13. To learn how to use the Ebrary app, click “Downloads” at the bottom-left of the screen and select “User Guide by ebrary”