Blackboard LMS

What is it?

Blackboard is the Learning Management System (LMS) used to deliver all courses at City University of Seattle. Using Blackboard, instructors can post announcements, provide course documents (such as the updated syllabus and schedule), create video content, communicate with students who are struggling, give detailed feedback through the use of inline grading and rubrics, and facilitate asynchronous and synchronous interaction between students. Instructors are required to post assignment grades for courses in all delivery modes in the Grade Center of the course.

How do I get access?

Every course offered at CityU has a master shell that houses the course content and assessment. Live class sections are automatically created off of the master 18 days before the course start date in PeopleSoft. Faculty gain access to the Blackboard courses they are teaching 17 days before the course starts and students get access three days before. Courses appear as a hyperlinked list on the dashboard in the Faculty Portal for instructors or in the Student Portal for students.

Who do I contact if I have problems?

Visit the CityU 24/7 Help Desk or call 844-722-4898 to get help over the phone.

Where Can I Learn More?

A self-paced student orientation to Blackboard course is offered eight times a year – twice per quarter. Ask your advisor to be enrolled.

Instructors new to CityU are required to register for, and complete, an online, hands-on Blackboard Basics course before teaching their first class.  The purpose of the Blackboard Basics training course is to teach all the skills and controls of the Learning Management System needed to set up and manage the Blackboard classroom at CityU. Seasoned instructors can also re-take this training at any time to stay up on the newest technologies within Blackboard. Email to register.

Where Can I Get Help?

CityU Help

Start at the CityU Help Center for help with CityU’s Blackboard. The resources on this site were made by CityU (in most cases) for CityU students and staff. There are tutorials and videos on how to complete many tasks in Blackboard and other systems at CityU. The Help Center home page covers the most common issues experienced by students and staff and also provides a variety of general resources. Look toward the top of the home page for Faculty and Students tabs that have more specific resources for each group.

Blackboard Help

Visit Blackboard student and instructor help pages for videos and step-by-step instructions on using Blackboard tools. Keep in mind that CityU may use Blackboard a little differently than other schools; this is why we suggest you start with the CityU Help Center linked above.