Services for Alumni

All university libraries would like to provide their alumni with continued access to online databases. Unfortunately, vendor licenses restrict access to currently-enrolled students. CityU Library has looked into providing off-site access to our alumni, but we have found that most of the full-text content is removed from the alumni databases by the vendors. We do re-evaluate this option on a regular basis, but we have not yet found a package that we feel meets alumni needs. Please note that many of your favorite online databases may be available to you at no cost through your local public library – or for a fee through your local public academic library.

CityU does provide alumni with the following resources and services:

  • Ask a Librarian for personalized research help via e-mail, instant messaging, Skype, or phone.
  • On-site access from a CityU campus to the library’s online collection of books, journals, videos, and more from:
  • On-site use of the library’s print collection at the Seattle campus.
  • Full access (on- and off-site) to ProQuest Central, a significant full-text collection of 47 interdisciplinary databases. For access, please Ask a Librarian.
  • Access to over 1,000 online resources, findable through CatalogPlus
  • Access to open source online journals and books from repositories such as: