How Do I Work in Teams?

With these tips you can be a successful member of your team by using leadership, communication, and conflict resolution skills. Become familiar with the following aspects of teamwork:

    • Team contracts
    • Timelines
    • Assigning roles
    • Leadership
    • Communication
    • Tools for teamwork
Team Contracts

Creating a team contract can be very useful for working in teams and maintaining a good working relationship in the team. Consider the following:

    • Roles of team members
    • Social expectations
    • Timeline of work
    • Frequency of communication and meetings
    • Conflict resolution guidelines

With the creation of a contract, each team member will agree to abide by the contract to become a member. The contract should be clear and understood by all members so that it can be referred to if conflict arises.

Team contract example: Learning Team Operating Agreement.doc
Teamwork review: Learning Team After-Action-Review.doc

Learn more about group contracts here: Team contracts at Harvard Business Review

Tools for Teamwork

When working in groups, schedules and geography can be a barrier to completing work in a timely manner. The following is a list of tools found on the Academic Technology page of the library website. This list can help facilitate group collaboration: Tools for Teaching and Learning

For creating presentations as a group consider these tools:

Google Drive

    • Free (with a gmail account)
    • Can be used to create presentations, spreadsheets, documents, etc.
    • Editing and comments can be added by all invited members


    • Free
    • Innovative presentations
    • Editing and creating by all members simultaneously

More Information About Teams

General resources on teamwork:

Researching teamwork (example in Business Source Complete):

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