How Do I Use Google Scholar?


What is Google Scholar?

Google Scholar is one way to find scholarly resources, including peer-reviewed journals, scholarly papers, theses, and books. Search Google Scholar by subject or source for a list of results ranked by author, publication, and how often the piece has been cited in other scholarly literature.

Google Scholar can help you find the full text of scholarly and professional articles, as well as books on your topic. We recommend that you:

  1. Customize your Google Scholar settings to find out whether content is available in CityU databases.
  2. Note the "Cited by..." information beneath each search result. This shows you how many people have referenced the article. More references can indicate the article is highly relevant in the field or is seminal work.
  3. Note the "Related Articles" information beneath each search result. If you find an article that really matches your topic, this link will retrieve a list of related articles that can help you narrow your search more.
  4. Look for the [PDF] links on the right side of the page, which may lead to free PDF content.
  5. Look for APA style citations linked to resources in your results.
  6. Save and organize articles with your personal Google account. 

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How to Set Up Google Scholar

  1. Go to Google Scholar's Settings Show Me
  2. Enter "City University of Seattle" in the search box and click the search icon
  3. Check the box next to "Open WorldCat – Library Search" and "City University of Seattle" results
  4. Click Save Show Me


Tips for Searching Google Scholar

  • Search as you would at
  • Put phrases inside quotation marks
  • Think of synonyms and related terms for your topic, and mix and match your terms in different searches
  • Use Google Scholar’s Advanced Search for targeted searching
    • Use the drop-down icon in the search box to get to the Advanced Search screen Show Me
    • Search by author, publication or date range
  • Find and copy APA style citations for articles and books when searching Show Me
  • Save and organize articles and books when searching Show Me


Not Finding What You Need?

Try searching one of the frequently used databases for direct access to full-text resources to complete your coursework:


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