Formatting Documents in APA Style

  • Font is 12 point Times New Roman (8.03).
  • Margins are set at 1 inch (2.54cm) (8.03).
  • Line spacing is double throughout the entire document with pages numbered in sequence, starting with the title page (8.03).
  • Punctuation spacing is two spaces after each punctuation mark ending a sentence, and one space after all other punctuation (4.01, 4.02).
  • Title page is a separate page and includes the header, article title, author’s name and date (8.03).*
  • Headers appear at the top of each page and include the author’s last name and page number.*
  • All pages, beginning with the title page, should be numbered consecutively (8.03).
  • Heading levels accurately reflect the organization of the paper and are used consistently throughout the paper (3.02-3.03).
  • Paragraphs contain at least three sentences but are not longer than one page (3.08). Indent the first line of each paragraph (8.03).
  • Abbreviations are written as entire words or phrases the first time they are used with the abbreviation following in parentheses. Use the abbreviated form subsequently, unless it is used at the beginning of a sentence (4.22-4.23).
  • Quotations under 40 words are surrounded by quotation marks and include page or paragraph numbers in the in-text citation. Quotations of 40 or more words are formatted in a freestanding block of text with no quotation marks (4.08, 6.03, 6.05).
  • Figures, tables, appendicies and other document elements should be numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals (1,2,3) in the order in which they are mentioned (5.05, 5.30).
  • Tables are all referred to in the text and every table column includes a heading (5.13, 5.19).
  • Appendices are on separate pages, with only one table or figure per page (8.03).
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