Get Help with Writing Assignments

During your university career, you will be asked to complete many writing assignments, including discussions, essays, research projects, case studies, analyses, reflections and myriad others. Use the resources in this guide to help you plan, develop, write, and edit your papers and projects.

The Basics

These resources will help you with the fundamentals of academic writing, from grammar and sentence structure, to guiding you through your first university writing assignments.

Getting Started

Online academic skills resources (University of New South Wales): Get tips on essay and assignment writing, as well as tips for test-taking, critical reading, and note-taking, among others. Helpful tools on this site include:

The Online Writing Lab (OWL): The OWL at Purdue University provides hundreds of writing resources, including tutorials on the writing process, common writing assignments, and academic writing. Helpful tools on this site include:

Grammar, Punctuation, and Structure

Grammar girl: Quick and dirty tips for writing: A fun and sometimes quirky look at grammar, punctuation, word choice, and more. Find a variety of articles and podcasts from Mignon Fogarty, aka “Grammar Girl.”

See the OWL at Purdue’s guides to GRAMMAR; PUNCTUATION; and MECHANICS (sentence structure)

Beyond the Basics

These resources are for intermediate/advanced writers and upper-division or graduate students who are tackling such assignments as research or capstone projects, theses and dissertations, or those who are interested in publishing their work.

Baban, S. M. J. (2009). Research: The journey from pondering to publishing. Kingston, Jamaica: Canoe Press.

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Murray, R. (2006). How to write a thesis. Maidenhead: Open University Press.

Murray, N., & Hughes, G. (2008). Writing up your university assignments and research projects: A practical handbook. New York, NY: Open University Press.

Writing Academic Proposals: Conferences, Articles, and Books (OWL at Purdue)

Resources for Faculty

These resources are for faculty who are teaching writing skills or embedding writing skills in their curriculum.

Dartmouth Writing Program. (2007). Online writing materials (pedagogies, methods, and more).

Hinkel, E. (2004). Teaching academic ESL writing: Practical techniques in vocabulary and grammar. Mahwah, NJ: L. Erlbaum Associates.

Seattle University Writing Center (2008). Writing resources: Handouts and links.

Wagenmakers, E. J. (2009). Teaching graduate students how to write clearly.

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