How Do I Find Ratios?

     Search the Morningstar Investment Research Center database:

Morningstar offers company reports with a Key Ratios section with comprehensive company ratios over 10 years, other report sections provide company ratios, company/industry ratios comparison and company/competitor ratios comparison.

  1. Enter company name or ticker symbol in search box (Enter a Ticker or Name)
  2. Click “Get Report” or press Enter
  3. On left navigation explore report sections: Snapshot, Data Interpreter, Valuation Ratios, and Key Ratios
  4. Key Ratios provides company ratios for 10 year period, use tabs to move to each ratio (profitability, efficiency, etc.)
  5. Snapshot provides company and industry comparison: use tabs: industry peers, growth, profitability, etc.
  6. Data Interpreter provides company and industry ratio comparison of profitability, financial health, growth, size, etc.
  7. Valuation Ratios provides company ratios compared to Industry and S&P averages

     Search the Mint Global database:

  1. Click Search Companies
  2. Enter the company name or ticker symbol, then click Display Results
  3. Select correct company name from the results
  4. Click the By Section tab
  5. For company ratios, select Financial Information from the first drop-down menu and select Global Ratios from the second drop-down menu
  6. For industry ratios, select Peer Information from the first drop-down menu
    1. Click Modify to change criteria (number of companies in peer group, reference year, etc.)
    2. Scroll to Ratios section
    3. The average of that peer group is an industry ratio

     Search the LexisNexis Academic database:

     The company profiles in LexisNexis for public companies have a Ratio Analysis section with ratios for a company and ratios comparing a company to its industry, or compare two companies.

  1. In the Get Company Info box, enter the company name or ticker symbol, and click Search.
  2. Click the company name from results to open the profile
  3. Click Financial Information in the left navigation (listing sections of the report)
  4. Scroll down to Ratio Analysis heading of Financial Information section
  5. Scroll down to Competitive Positioning heading of Financial Information section to locate competitors and their company reports
  6. From left navigation select Custom Report to view selected sections (Corporate Financials section includes Ratio Analysis)

     Or Compare Two (or more) Companies' Ratios (compare 2-5 companies)

  1. Under the Companies tab at the left side of the screen, click on Dossier Compare Companies.
  2. Enter company names or ticker symbol for two competitors (Competitive Positioning heading of Financial Information section provides competitors)
  3. Company Financial Comparison displays, scroll to Ratio Analysis


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