How Do I Find Industry Reports?

          Industry reports are often described as industry profiles or industry overviews. They provide an excellent starting place for an industry analysis.

          Common elements of reports include: a definition of the industry, a description of the market, current trends, key competitors, how the industry operates, and external factors that may affect the industry, such as consumer behavior, laws and regulations, or the economy. Sometimes market share, market size, and forecasts can be found.

          Keep in mind:
Some resources may define an industry in broad terms, such as retail or consumer electronics. Other resources may focus on more specific segments of an industry, like portable media players or cellular phones. Related industries may be of interest to you as well, for example, telecommunications or wireless phone services.


Find industry reports in management databases

Search the Business Source Complete database:
  1. Search for articles with keywords related to your industry.
  2. Select the Industry Profiles

   Search the Passport (GMID) database:

  1. Hover your mouse over Industries in the top menu
  2. Select your industry
  3. Find a local or global industry report as follows:
    • For a local industry report: Under Analysis Finder, select "Industry Overview" from the first drop-down menu and your country from the second drop-down menu
    • For a global industry report: Under Analysis Finder, select "Global Reports" from the first drop-down menu and World or Region from the second drop-down menu

   Search the NetAdvantage database:

   Watch a short tutorial on how to find industry information in the NetAdvantage database.

  1. Click on the Industries button at the top of the page
  2. On the Industry Research page, click on the drop box for Industry Surveys, select your industry, and click on the orange button with the forward arrow.

   Search the Mint Global database:

  1. Click Search Industry Research
  2. In the Industry field, type in a keyword or click Pick to the right to select SIC or NAICS codes
  3. Click Display Results
  4. Under Filters on the left, you can refine by Location


Find articles about an industry

Finding articles related to your industry can help you get the most recent information available if an industry report wasn’t updated in the past year. It is especially useful if you are focusing on small segment of a larger industry or haven’t been able to find an industry report. Searching tips are listed after the databases.

   Keep in mind:
Searching for articles in a database is a little different from using a search engine. You can often search in different fields like subject, abstract, title, or author. Always look for a Help or Tips button to find the best way to use the database.

   Key article databases:

   Business Source Complete
Abstracts and full text articles from scholarly and popular business, law, and computer systems periodicals.

   ABI/Inform Trade and Industry
Full text articles from business magazines and newsletters with a trade or industry focus. Includes industry news, product and competitive information, and marketing trends.

   Lexis/Nexis Academic
Full text documents from over 5,600 publications including newspapers, magazines, and wire services. Search U.S. federal and state case law, legal news, law reviews, and international legal information on a variety of topics.

  • You can also search TV and Radio transcripts, Blogs, and Web Publications. Click on the “I” next to the options to see the sources included.


Find industry or business associations

Association websitessometimesprovide free resources related to the industry. Look for “research,” “resources,” or “publications” links. You can discover current trends by examining the headlines and freely available content of the website.


  Keep in mind:
Many association websites require membership to access all of the content.

Find associations with a directory:

    Search the NetAdvantage database:

  1. Click on the Industries button at the top of the page
  2. On the Industry Research page, click on the drop box for Industry Surveys, select your industry, and click on the orange button with the forward arrow.
  3. Look for the Industry References section of the survey.

    Use a search engine to search the internet. It’s relatively easy to search with key words for your industry then add words like:

  • association
  • international, national, regional
  • a specific country, state, province
  • a specific city, county, or region


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