How Do I Find Accounting and Finance Sources?         

Locate Current E-books

As a CityU student, you have access to many e-books! Find current GAAP, IFRS, and many other materials to support your coursework and understanding of accounting and finance principles.

Use these databases to find relevant e-books available through CityU Library:

  • Books 24x7: This online database contains tens of thousands of e-books related to business, finance, accounting, leadership, management and related subjects. 
  • Credo Reference: This is an online database that contains subject-specific dictionaries, encyclopedias, guides, and handbooks that offer short and long articles on a variety of accounting and financial topics. 
  • Ebrary contains electronic books (e-books) on accounting concepts and principles. You might find useful chapters or even entire e-books to help gain an understanding and support your work. 
  • EBSCO E-books: Search more than 200 e-books on accounting and related topics.  

Note: You can also find links to all Books 24x7, Ebrary, EBSCO and other CityU-owned e-books by searching  CatalogPlus and limiting to "Electronic books."

To find e-books in CatalogPlus: Show Me
  1. Enter keywords and click "Search"
  2. Limit to "Full Text Online"
  3. Limit to "Book / eBook"

Sample e-books:


Flood, J. M. (2013). Wiley GAAP 2013: Interpretation and application of generally accepted accounting principles. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

Ruppel, W. (2013). Wiley GAAP for governments 2013: Interpretation and application of generally accepted accounting principles for state and local governments. New York, NY: Wiley.


Christian, D., & Lüdenbach, N. (2013). IFRS essentials. Chichester, West Sussex: Wiley.

Collings, S. (2013). Frequently asked questions in IFRS. Chichester, West Sussex: Wiley.

CPA Exam

Whittington, R. (2013). Wiley CPA examination review: Outlines and study guides (Vol.1). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

Whittington, R. (2013). Wiley CPA examination review: Problems and solutions (Vol.2). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.


Where to Find Articles, Data and Other Information

Use the CityU accounting and other databases to find articles on your topic, company reports, industry information and other data.

Suggested article databases:

Accounting and Tax
Find professional and academic articles from accounting, tax, and related business publications. Browse full text standards and related documents from international and U.S. organizations, including FASB, GASB, AICPA, IASB, and IFRC.

Business Source Complete or ABI/Inform Trade and Industry
Articles from scholarly and popular business journals and publications.

Academic Search Complete or Research Library
These interdisciplinary databases cover a wide range of topics, including those related to the field of accounting.  

Academic & professional accounting sources

The purpose, review process, and target audience are the main criteria used to determine if a resource is academic, professional or a popular (such as a general-interest magazine). Here is how to tell which category a publication falls into:


To report original research and provide critical analysis of topics in the field

To provide news and information to people in a particular industry or profession
To inform, entertain, or persuade
Review process

Scholarly articles are screened and approved by researchers and experts (i.e., peers) in the field before they are accepted for publication.

Articles are reviewed by the magazine's editor or editorial staff.
Articles are reviewed by the magazine's editor or editorial staff.

Students, researchers, and professionals in the field

Professionals in the field or industry
General public


Other Good Sources

Educational, professional and government institutions often provide access to a variety of publications.  Look for studies, reports, white papers, and other types of published materials that are freely available on institutional web sites.

  • FASB: Don't forget to look for relevant standards using the FASB website. Find codification content, perform research, and submit feedback. You can view content in a variety of ways: browse by topic, join related content, and search all content.
  • Example educational institutions: Kellogg School of Management (Harvard) publishes articles about business subject areas, including accounting topics; University of Chicago Booth Accounting Research Center offers freely available papers and publications 
  • Example professional organizations: American Institute of CPAsAmerican Accounting Association (note that often professional groups offer highly discounted student memberships)
Example government institutions: Internal Revenue ServiceU.S. Government Accountability Office


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